What's going on?

Location: Somewhere cold!!!

my parents took me from my nice house with warm weather and big cages full of birds next door to a house in a cold place and now they have left me here and gone away but there is a lady and a man here who look after me so i don't mind and they feed me and the lady helps me write letters to my mummy and daddy and she says they are in africa and they are coming back and then we will live together in a different house but it will still be cold

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Me at my old house in Australia

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I'm SO excited

Darling Mummy and Daddy

I was sleeping behind the chair this morning when the silly lady came and moved the chair I'm always nervous when she does that because she often picks me up and puts me out the front door and then goes away in her car which is very mean because she knows I like to sleep here in the daytime and don't like having to spend too long in the garden hiding from the fox when the sun is out anyway she didn't pick me up but lay down on the floor beside me and said she had something important to tell me she said you are coming home in five days time and was I happy happy I said I'm over the moon at least I can sleep on a proper bed and lick hair and be fed properly I do hope you recognise me I'm a shadow of my former self you will know it's me because I still have my tomato soup mark by my nose not that she ever gives me tomato soup but if you see a thin cat with a reddy brown mark near his nose it's me

what happens now are we going to stay here forever or are we going to go to our old house or a new house I promise to be a good boy if you don't leave me any more I love you mummy and daddy the silly lady and man are alright but I love you two best of all and actually I love mummy better than anyone else mummy you are better than biscuits and I really love my biscuits but not as much as you

purrs and licks


ps bring melon

Monday, April 04, 2005

The mystery is solved

Darling Mummy and Daddy,

your little boy is so clever and I have solved the mystery of the week it has been really worrying me you know I was upset with the vet saying I was fat and what I really need is biscuits well the other morning I went into the bathroom when the man got up I like to watch him put that noisy thing in his face and nip his legs to remind him that it's time for breakfast he got on that funny plate thing that tells them their weight and said oh no that's 70 kilos well I came and checked and it was 70 kilos and he was very upset and the lady said it was all the chocolate he had eaten over Easter but I know better it's the silly man who has been eating my tins not the silly lady and that's why he'd put on weight not that chocolate stuff I told the lady the tins are fattening and she didn't believe me but there's the proof I don't mind sharing my tins with the silly man if I can have extra biscuits

I've got my own sort of alarm clock now as soon as the birds start their terrible row in the morning and mummy you wouldn't believe what a noise they
make well as soon as it starts I know that is the end of my night patrols and time to head for my radiator behind the chair not that the radiator is
on very much now and I have found another place to sleep now it is more sunny it is very cosy to sleep in the dining room by the window the sun
shines in and sometimes I get so hot I have to go and find some shade under a chair and I can also keep a look out for the fox actually I haven't seen
him recently maybe he saw me and was frightened of me and ran away what do you think

purrs and licks


Saturday, March 26, 2005

So brave!

Darling Mummy and Daddy

As you know I prefer to go outside in the night time when the fox can't see
me but this afternoon I went outside while it was still light I have been
out before when the sun was shining but that was just to get the trail of
biscuits the silly lady put there but today they were so busy all day long
they took no notice of me and because it was getting near to biscuit time I
went to find them they were in the garden drinking that red drink that makes
them giggle and it all seemed to be safe out there so I went out to ask them
where my biscuits were and they made a big fuss of me and told me I was
brave which of course I was but the fox wasn't there and they seemed to have
changed things in the garden so I had to check what they had been up to it
wasn't much so I went inside to check whether there were any biscuits in my
bowl and there weren't so I will look a bit later and hope they remember
that I really like biscuits best of all

purrs and licks


Friday, March 25, 2005

I've decided to stay

Darling Mummy and Daddy

I have decided to stay and not to run away you see for one thing I overheard
the lady saying you would be home very soon now and I thought I would be
very sad if I went to our old home and you came here and I missed you when
you come could you bring me some melon they never give me melon then I am
loving the better weather because the silly lady keeps the window open at
night and I can come and go all night long I thought they didn't know about
my comings and goings but I overheard them talking about me and how they
heard me and the lady said mind you he's no fairy lightfoot I don't know
what she means she also gets a wet cloth and wipes at the wall where I put
my feet to steady myself when I jump off the sill she says I'm as bad as
Weens I don't understand what is weens is it some kind of dinner I have a
plan to trick the silly lady and man into giving me extra biscuits I will
pretend that I haven't had any that day to the one who hasn't given me
biscuits that day and be really bonkers and they will take pity on me and I
will get double rations they said it is a holiday weekend and everyone will
be eating chocolate I hope I don't have to have chocolate I don't have to
have chocolate if I don't want to do I will you tell me if you are coming to
the silly lady's house or our house with the planes I will wait here and if
you don't arrive I'd better change my plans and try and find you

purrs and licks


ps the lady says she hopes you haven't got any guinea worms what are guinea
worms are they some kind of dinner they sound more tasty than chocolate

Friday, March 18, 2005


I knew that box meant trouble and I was right I was also suspicious with the way the lady was acting so I hid in her cupboard she went and put somethings in the car and I quietly left there and hid behind a chair she was puzzled for a moment but then she found me and put me in the box and theninto the car and we went on a journey she kept calling my name which shows how stupid she is because she knew where I was after all she had put me here so I didn't say anything when I feel really scared I think silence is best it didn't stop her saying my name in a friendly way but it's not a friendly thing to do to put me in my box and take me in the car especially when itwas time for my afternoon nap We went to a place I've been to before and we went into a little room andthere was a nice lady there well I thought she was nice she was talking about cat flu and leukemia and rabies but I didn't understand and then suddenly she put something sharp into me and although I was trying to be brave I did give a little mhew she said the sharp thing was for cat flu but I think that's horrid I don't want cat flu she asked if I was going to France because I would need one for rabies too but my lady said she didn't think I would be going to France this year is France near Africa then she talked about worms and gave me a DISGUSTING tablet right down my throat I was nearly sick but she gave me some water to take the taste away why hass he given me worms I don't want worms
Then she weighed me and said I was still a little fat around my middle which was very rude of her I think I'm just cuddly she said I should weigh 6k and I now weigh 6.35k and talked about my food if only they would ask me I would tell them it's the sloppy meat in my bowl that puts on the weight and if they just gave me my biscuits instead I would be very trim she said more exercise would help then I had to wait in the big room and there was a hugedog so I kept very quiet the lady then put me in the car and brought me home I was so relieved but now I'm absolutely exhausted I was out very late last night when I wanted to come back in the door was locked and all the lights were off and I thought they had gone to bed andleft me out all night and so I thought I would go up to the flat roof butwhen I got there I found the window was wide open so I could just get inside easily the silly lady could have done this a long time ago but she said the window was wide open because it was such a warm night the lady said they would eat lunch outside tomorrow I don't want my lunch outside what ever shesays so I really must go and have a sleep
Purrs and licks

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Darling Mummy and Daddy,
Shhhhh! It's the dead of night and everyone is asleep but I have just discovered my big box in this room where I send these letters why is it here I have been a good boy and I don't want to go in the car or even worse another aeroplane do you know what this is about if you do will you quickly send me an email I might hide in the garden till I find out what's going on if I get a chance I'll let you know I promise I have been a very good boy and I hardly ever scratch the carpets any more or lick their milk because I don't like the taste
Purrs and licks